VSMS day out with orphanage kids

The VSMS “Visit the Farm in the City” is one of our projects to bring joy to the less fortunate. This time, we welcomed children from the Persatuan Pertubuhan Islam Buah Hatiku orphanage. It started with a question – what’s more valuable to the kids than just donating money? We believe it’s simply our time. So we spent the day exploring the farm with the kids, who were aged between 2 to 5 years old. We treated them to a tour, ice cream, scrumptious lunch, and of course, Toys R Us goodies to take home.

Seeing the kids so excited to get up close to the animals, asking a million questions about farm life, and feeling like they were part of a family – was the most wonderful feeling in the world. We wanted to bring cheer but it was as much a joy for us to be with them. And that really is the driving force behind our VSMS outreach projects. We’ll definitely plan more activities like this and do our part to give back to society.

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