Interior Design

Property Sales Gallery in Penang

This colonial era mansion has a timeless character that we wanted to preserve yet enhance with a modern functionality. We used custom-cut black chrome steel frames and mirrors to highlight the features of the antique pillars around the hall. We designed each room or individual space to reflect the uniqueness of the underlying architecture. The end result is a one of a kind sales gallery of yesterday’s charm with today’s innovation.

Multi-Storey Office Building in Shah Alam 

A design that is inspired by modern living, the interior space is transformed to be partnered with dynamic office area and special custom theme for each meeting area together with a sales gallery.  An underlying uniqueness of architecture compliments with space that is essential to do sales, showcase their gallery and a fun working space. An interior gallery that gives an end result of management of space innovation and design practicability.

Telecommunications Retail Outlets, throughout Malaysia

We designed this chain of outlets using an innovative modular concept, offering unlimited flexibility in installation solutions that can be tailored to each location’s specific requirements, size and layout. Beyond that, we allowed room for each outlet to be personalised while retaining the overall look and feel of the brand.