Organizer for Exhibition in Malaysia

The key ingredient in every great design is a flair for storytelling. From layout and colour, material and theme, we design your booth or exhibition to evoke excitement, joy and event a sense of wonder that your visitors remember and want to share.

Education Exhibition, Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur

To stand out from the crowd, we created a commanding structure that represents all the values of the university. The flow within the booth area simulates a campus journey for visitors to explore, presenting it as one of the best educational institutions in the country.

International Print & Machinery Showcase, PWTC Kuala Lumpur

The print industry needs to innovate and reinvent itself more than others, especially in today’s digital world. Understanding this, we designed a hitech interactive showcase that invited potential customers to experience the brand and see how the print medium is not only relevant today but transformative for the future.

Property Fair

Property fairs are ever popular all year round and with the large number of exhibitions, vendors want booths that are mobile yet impactful. We’ve created vibrant modular setups that have multi-colour light capabilities, flexible, cost-efficient and easy to set up. Most importantly, they are durable for multiple-location exhibitions.