Advertising Services

Launch Campaign
Project: Hp Spectre X 360 party

We introduced the Hewlett-Packard Hp Spectre X 360 with a hands-on experience using influences and the media in a unique party that combined hi-tech displays with fun and games. This not only demonstrates the product from a user point of view but the event helped create curiosity and awareness, and position the brand as cutting-edge and trendy.

Integrated Marketing
Project: Huawei KL Fashion Week

Mobile phones are typically about specs and features, so we decided to focus on a different story- the phone as a fashion statement. It may not be a new positioning, but we made sure our idea is. We tapped into KL Fashion Week as a backdrop to launch a new style- but instead of clothes or accessories, we introduced the phone brand. The audience interacted with the fashion show trying out the phone, and we achieved the right media attention.

On-ground Activation 
Project: Ultimate Lamborghini & Supercar Ride

What better way to market a supercar brand than taking prospective customers on a thrilling test drive? The event, held at the Sepang International Circuit, allowed customers to get up close and personal with the dream car, get handing tips from pro drivers and finally drive one on their own.