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We deliver world class exhibition management, design and services, marketing strategies, interior design, advertising displays and assembly for global brands.

Visual Stories

The key ingredient in every great design is a flair for storytelling. Understanding this has lent us an advantage in designing exhibition spaces. From layout and colour, to material and theme, every story we weave through your booth or hall evokes the desired emotions, whether excitement or joy, or a sense of wonder that your customers want to capture and share.


Humans, being sensual creatures, relate more strongly to well designed physical cues. From sight and sound, to tactile connections that provide a greater engagement to your brand story, we don’t just build booths and stages – we create immersive experiences that WOW and leave a lasting memory.


Winning your customers hearts and minds begin the moment they step into your space. From the mood we set through spatial arrangement and lighting to the immersive quality of materials we use, we design your outlets or rooms to delight and inspire each person that walks in.

Vivid Impressions

More than your creative partners, we find solutions and bridge the gaps in your marketing or communications activities. We always start with your objectives, understanding your business and your competitive landscape,